Company Spotlight - December 2011


Rhapsody Clothing Inc. is based in Los Angeles and sells its made-in-U.S.A. juniors lines throughout North America. The driving force behind the phenomenal growth of the company is Bryan Kang, Rhapsody’s chief executive and president.

Rhapsody recently opened its first shop-within-a-shop in Korea, calling the new retail venture Love Scene. Located at Home Plus, one of South Korea’s leading chains, Home Plus is jointly owned by the U.K. based Tesco company. Bryan Kang forecasts a growth of more than 100 Love Scene shops in Home Plus locations across South Korea by the end of 2012.

According to Bryan, “Asian people love to see the Made in U.S.A. label”. Rhapsody’s design team in Los Angeles will continue to create the vision for the global products with Love Scene’s knit tops and dresses carrying the ‘made-in USA’ label, and shipped directly from the Los Angeles headquarters.

This foray into Asian retailing will put Rhapsody on a growth spurt, predicted to skyrocket the company’s divisions into a major international brand within the next five years.


Bella Dahl is focused on bringing together luxury fabrics with a sexy, casual style and the "perfect" fit. The company’s goal is to be a leader in ‘innovative’ fashions for the informal woman’s lifestyle.

Known for their ‘soft-touch’ fabrics and easy basic styling with a fashionable twist, styles include easy-to-wear shapes with specialty washes, textures, and seasonally-inspired coloring. With comfort at the top of the list, Bella Dahl is for those who want their everyday look to be effortlessly put-together.

The company behind Bella Dahl, the EMJ Apparel Group, presents every collection with the three F's in mind: Fashion, Feel, and Fit.

We want to be the staple in every it-girl's closet; Bella Dahl is lifestyle apparel at its finest.

Gypsy 05

Fifteen-Twenty's collection is inspired by Los Angeles, a city known for its glamour and dramatic flare. With one hand glued to an iPhone and the other clutching a purse, the Fifteen-Twenty woman is always sexy and sophisticated. She is a trend-setter, role-model and often sets the standard of fashion amongst her friends.

Fifteen Twenty is a contemporary womenswear line with an emphasis on classic femininity at its core. Each piece is designed to make today’s girl-on-the go feel beautiful and unique. The brand’s updated yet timeless look attracts women who want to be noticed.

Fifteen-Twenty is a brand that will continue to be synonymous with luxurious fabrics, a killer fit, and that never-settle-for-less attitude, and is available nationwide in fine specialty stores and department stores such as Neiman Marcus, Lord & Taylor, and CUSP.