Company Spotlight

barbara lesser

Barbara Lesser, designer of casual contemporary sportswear and dresses, launched a highly successful business based on her own desire to look good yet remain comfortable during her hectic life. Barbara and her husband Mark launched Wearable Integrity, Inc. in the early 90’s as the parent company of the Barbara Lesser brand. The collection is made in California, defining the Lessers as strong supporters of the "made in U.S.A." ideal, with a focus on comfort and ease of care in a beautiful, fashionable, feminine package.

The Los Angeles based designer earned her BFA in Fashion Design from New York’s Pratt Institute. She began her career as a sweater designer and found herself just a few months into her job. After working in New York for several years, and traveling to Europe and Asia, the Michigan native headed west, taking a position with two branded San Francisco manufacturers.

Barbara and Mark were pioneers in the field of environmentally responsible manufacturing and organic cotton, and they soon found themselves leading the way in the casual dress market. As the dress cycle evolved, Mark had the foresight to launch a sportswear division called FIBERS by Barbara Lesser. Today, Barbara enjoys the acclaim that comes her way due to a sportswear collection that features artisan hand dye techniques in amazing color blends on T-shirts, dresses, pants and skirts.

Barbara Lesser remains true to her devoted customer – the busy woman who wants fashion that is both cool and comfortable. Her silhouettes are always flattering to a variety of body types, with fabrics primarily in the stretch category.

The company’s corporate mission is "to produce items that are fashionable, comfortable, easy care and high quality. In doing so, we strive to provide a responsible, professional, and positive workplace with growth potential for our employees. Our team works together to make the best products possible and have as many laughs as we can along the way."

Gypsy 05

Gypsy 05 was established in the spring of 2005 by a dynamic brother and sister duo, Osi and Dotan Shoham. Born and raised in Israel, the siblings went on to master their crafts while worlds apart. Dotan moved to Los Angeles and created a successful garment dye facility, Pacific Blue Inc., now famous for its unique techniques and fresh use of color. Meanwhile, Osi was in Israel working as a successful executive the advertising business. Years later, Osi moved to to join her brother on the West Coast. She began to work alongside Dotan at his dye house, and from there established Gypsy 05. The pair found their niche in the contemporary apparel market with truly unique garments.

Designing and manufacturing their product in Los Angeles, with Dotan’s experience as a garment dyer and printer, the creative vision of Osis was given a distinct competitive advantage....and thus Gypsy 05 was born.


SINGLE was Co-founded by Galina Sobolev and Michael Sobolev in 1994, and was conceived to reaffirm every woman's zest for life, romance and luxury.

Confident – Sexy – Feminine - and manufactured in Los Angeles under Galina’s watchful eye!

As a child in her native Russia, Galina learned how to sew and crochet from her grandmother in a glitzy neighborhood in Odessa. Even today, Galina cites this as a profound influence in her life, recalling the supple garments and colorful fabrics she used to play with.

In 1977 her family moved to New York. A few years later Galina enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Technology. She participated in the school's exchange program which enabled her to spend a year and a half in England to study knitwear. Upon her return to the U.S., she earned two awards from FIT for her graduating collection. During this time, she also got into modeling, walking the New York runways alongside Pat Cleveland and Iman for such designers as Michael Kors and Michael Vollbracht.

Galina moved to Los Angeles in 1987 where she continued to work in fashion, designing for several well known fashion lines. But it was her meeting with her future husband Michael Sobolev, in what she describes as a fairytale-like situation on Christmas Eve of 1992 that truly changed her life. The couple proved to be such a great match that they extended their personal relationship to include a professional one.

Michael's entrepreneurial skills and MBA degree together with Galina's talent made a perfect formula for starting a company of their own, with Michael taking the business end while Galina focused on the creative aspect of designing gorgeous dresses. Two years into the venture, major stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Fred Segal picked up the line with an overwhelming reaction to her designs.

SINGLE offers the very latest in fashion trends with a fresh and unique interpretation, combining classic luxury with an exuberant attitude with one-of-a-kind prints developed from original artwork.

As Galina states, “When you wear SINGLE, you possess an optimistic outlook and a strong sense of self.”