Company Spotlight

Red 23

Red 23 is the sister label to the contemporary line, Fifteen-Twenty. The brand’s identity of casual knits includes tank tops, sweaters, jackets , as well as scarves; all designed by the famous Los Angeles designer, Karen Kane. The line is carried at Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale's, and upscale boutiques nationwide. In the Los Angeles area, Red 23 can be found at stores such as Boulmiche and Fred Segal, and it is featured at Lonnys stores in various locations on Long Island, New York.

Field Scout

Field Scout is a men's lifestyle collection, made in Los Angeles with a unique identity and its own independent style. Every season is titled with reference to a global region. The region is used as inspiration for the collection. This seasonal concept for a collection is a showcase of our journey. Exploration and adventure with the utilitarian guidance is the core value of our brand.

Field Scout supports tried and true professionals producing in the USA and in Peru. We do 90% of production in the USA with quality materials from Italy, Japan, London, and USA.  We have a passion for all we do at Field Scout, taking pride in the quality and craftsmanship of our product.


HeartSOUL was launched in 1996 as the junior division of the venerable Los Angeles firm, Big Strike. Designed for those from 18 to 34 who love fashion at a great price, yet wearable from the office to ‘happy hour’. HeartSOUL can be counted upon for professional, yet stylish career wardrobes, including daily staples for every woman’s closet.

The HEARTSOUL product pays attention to detail and added value utilizing accessories (belts and necklaces, etc) with their blouses. The reliable fit and construction make HeartSOUL a leader in the junior market.

Available at Kohl’s, JCPenneys and Sears, and recently, HeartSOUL Kids and HeartSOUL Shoes were added to the assortment. The kids line is sold exclusively at Kohl’s, while the footwear is available at Piperlime, and